LightCraft Studios 2018
May 18

Amplifiers needed


We are looking for people to help spread the word about the server. Apply here to join the advertising department.


Length of time playing server (1week+):





New Posts
  • Hi my Name is Julian, I am 14 and the reason I want to be mod is because most admin don't know that much commands I have experience with commands and I have experience being admin I am admin on 3 other realms.
  • If your good at art please design a logo for us and submit it here, we will reward you with 1000 CP if you win and 50 for entering (citizen points) on the server. Our colours and yellow and light blue
  • sorry we are not looking for any staff right now hi! Its me Darth Makroth, if you would like to become mod please fill out this template: Age: Why you want to become mod: Past experiences: and thats about it! good luck fellow LightCrafters! -Darth